Our Company

Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.
We are committed to provide real solutions to the UVC disinfection market.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic there were very little talk of UVC disinfecting lights and during the height of the pandemic the market was flooded with fake and inefficient lamps that added to the existing confusion about these products. VDC Health has sourced the best products and tested every lamp to make sure the product you are receiving in working as designed and you are getting the best solution for your needs. We back all of this with an unmatched 2-Year warranty.

Our Products

Perfect for whole-room disinfection of larger areas. Offices, conference rooms, breakrooms, lobbies, exam rooms, waiting room, etc. Ozone free


Best option for disinfecting workspaces. Powerful and efficient. Can deliver over 6 mj/cm2 per second making it the ideal product to quickly disinfect work areas like desks, service counters, vehicles, exam tables, chairs, classroom desks, bathrooms, etc.

We are fanatics about quality and customer service
And that's the reason we offer an unmatched 2-Year warranty in all our lamps which includes the only warranty against lamp breakage. Yes, you read correctly. Even if you accidentally break the lamp in one of our products, we will replace it for free.
We're fortunate to work with fantastic suppliers but we also have implemented local tests for all our products to add an extra layer of quality control for your peace of mind
Our Approach

It’s simple. High quality products at affordable prices with the best warranty in the market. That’s it.

Our Mission

To make UVC disinfecting lights a staple in every house and every business across America so we can fight this pandemic and to be prepared to fight off any other that might come in the future.