UVC HME ZAPPER - Stylish and functional - Germicidal - Whole-Room disinfection - Ideal for homes- Black Friday price: $ 149.98

This product is the perfect solution to keep your family and loved ones protected. Powerful enough to disinfect entire rooms while also releasing Ozone it’s the perfect product for homes and small businesses.

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UVC CHMBER ZAPPER - Germicidal - Powerful Whole-Room disinfection for businesses or homes - Black Friday price $247.50

The CHMBER UVC ZAPPER provides whole-room disinfection with its powerful 150W lamp. Ideal for conference rooms, professional offices, medium size stores, classrooms, etc.

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SLCR UVC Zapper - Highly effective sanitizer for work areas - Can disinfect in seconds - Black Friday Price: $ 297.50

The SLCR UVC ZAPPER is the ideal disinfection tool for workspaces. Light, compact and powerful it can disinfect areas in seconds. Ideal for stores, restaurants, factories, doctors’ offices and much more.

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VDC Zapper – From 400W to 800W

COMING SOON. These extremely powerful mobile disinfection units can disinfect very large areas like school gyms and cafeterias, locker rooms, car dealerships, fitness centers, etc. The lamps are so powerful than can achieve disinfection levels in less than a second.

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