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black friday sale 50% off


We purchased these lamps to use in our rental car business. The lamps are light and super easy to use. We use them to sanitize our vehicles before and after every customer. It is so easy to use and so efficient we can disinfect one car in just a couple of minutes. Customers love seeing us sanitizing the cars. They have told us it reassures them seeing we use this technology to sanitize our vehicles. We will be purchasing more for our other locations!

Amazing Product

Robert U.

We run a medium size medical practice in Naples and we were manually cleaning exam rooms after each patient. It was very time consuming and we learned we were not being as thorough as we needed to be. We came across these lamps after researching for an affordable, convenient and effective way to sanitize work areas and we are extremely happy with the results. The lamps are powerful enough to sanitize entire areas in seconds and provides us the flexibility to move them from room to room and sanitize traffic areas too. We are extremely happy with the product.

Most affordable disinfecting light

Carol J.

We use these lamps in our chiropractic practice and we love them. Super simple to use and our patients love seeing us use them before they lay down for their treatment. This lamps are fantastic!

Love our SLCR!

Marsha B

Great product! Love how easy to use is and the fact that comes with a test showing exactly what you are getting. The 2-Year warranty puts this lamp over the top again any competition.

Great Product!!

Sam D.

I bought the lamp about a month ago and we accidentally broke the bulb. Contacted VDC Health, they asked me to send the lamp to them and within a few days I got my lamp back all fixed up at no charge to me. I'm so grateful for the way they treated me and the fantastic customer service they provided. Thank so much!

Company stands behind their product

Uriel K.

Lamp works great and we love the fact we can run it over our deli counter as often as we want. We like to do it when customers are present so they can see we use top of the line disinfection methods to keep them safe. I'd love a battery operated version so I could use it more often in the tables. We don't have outlets by every table so we need to wait until no customers are seated to run the lamp as we need to extend the cord over the tables. A battery operated lamp would solve that problem. Regardless, we love it and use it all the time

***** UVC Light

Martha C.


For decades the use of UVC light as a sanitizer has proven to be one of the best tools available to combat germs, bacterias and viruses. Hospital use complex disinfecting systems involving UVC lights to disinfect patients and operating rooms.

Advent of the COVID-19 pandemic

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, many types of UV lights are been made available to consumers but most of them are inefective as the type of lamps used are not the right ones.

Most efficient wavelenghts

Our lamps use one of the most efficient wavelengths (254nm) for an UVC light to be effective as a disinfecting solution. Our lamps also produce Ozone which is believed to aid in neutralizing some air pollutants and helps in neutralizing odors.

These lamps are the ideal solution for disinfection for many industries: Car dealearships, driving schools, doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, chiropractors and many others.

Reasonable price

Why spent money on ineffective solutions ? Or spend thousands in other alternatives that provide very little residual benefit. Chemical sprays only provide a temporary relief and you gotta continue doing it to maintain the areas disinfected. We have designed an effective UVC device that can be used after every patient or every customer to maintain working areas disinfected.

A powerful UVC germicidal lamp that can inactivate most viruses and bacteria within seconds. Its compact size and raw power make it the ideal disinfection method for many industries and businesses looking for a fast and effective sanitizing method.

The SLCR UVC Zapper is the ideal tool to keep high touch surfaces sanitized. It’s so easy to use and so effective that can be deployed within minutes. You can use it as often as you need to keep disinfected your conference rooms, desks, computer stations, sitting areas, exam tables, service counters and more.

UVC technology

UVC technology has recently been proved capable to deactivate most viruses including SARS-CoV-2. The National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) at Boston University conducted a study where they achieved a 99% deactivation of the virus causing COVID-19 in about 6 seconds needing a dosage of 5mJ/cm2 and they reached a deactivation of 99.9999 (or 6 logs) in 25 seconds needing a dosage of 22mJ/cm2. The lamps used in those tests, provided by Signify, were 35W. The lamps used in the SLCR UVC Zapper are 36W and produce a dosage of around 6,000 µm/cm2 at a distance of 4 inches; equivalent to 6mw/cm2 = 6mj/cm2 in just one second. This is a higher dosage than the one required to deactivate 99% of the virus in the aforementioned study. The SLCR UVC Zapper will achieve a dosage of 22mJ/cm2 in just about 4 seconds!!

Check our Irradiance and dosage calculator to determine how long you need to keep your lamp on to disinfect a particular area.

ISO17025 accredited calibrations

At difference with most UVC products out there, all our lamps come with a report (produced by a certified UV Spectroradiometer System that is NIST Traceable and have ISO17025 accredited calibrations) showing the exact amount of irradiance and the wavelengths the lamps produce to help you determine the length of time you need to keep them on to achieve the  dosage required to deactivate different viruses and bacterias.

designed to be used

These lamps are designed to be used facing down aiming directly to the object you want to disinfect. Although it is possible for people to be in the room, you need to exercise extreme caution to not expose skin or eyes to the UVC light as it can cause severe damage.

Our lamps come with an exclusive 2 Years Warranty. If the UVC lamp fails within the first two years after purchase we will replace it for you. No other UVC lamp in the market offer this kind of warranty.

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