CHMBER UVC ZAPPER - Whole room disinfection BLACK FRIDAY SALE!
The most reliable source for
UVC Germicidal lights
Ideal to disinfect larger rooms
CHMBER UVC ZAPPER - Whole Room germicidal lamp CHMBER UVC ZAPPER
Best warranty in the market for
UVC Germicidal lights
black friday sale 50% off
CHMBER UVC ZAPPER - Whole room disinfection
UVC CHMBER ZAPPER - Germicidal - Highly effectiveMSRP:$495.00
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black friday sale 50% off

black friday sale 50% off

We got our CHMBER about 3 weeks ago to use in our offices. We move it from room to room when nobody is there and run it for about 15'. We love the fact we don't have to ventilate the rooms after each use.

Fantastic UVC Disinfecting light

Kimberly H.

We love this product! Easy to move from room to room and most important safe to use. If the products detects somebody entering a room while it's ON it will shut itself off and restart operations once the area is clear.


Heather N.

This is by far the best product we have been able to buy to disinfect entire rooms at once. Super easy to use and we love the fact we don't have to use as many chemicals as before.

Great purchase

Amanda A.

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As the current pandemic reaches unprecedented levels across the world; it’s becoming more and more important to provide safe and comprehensive disinfection to workspaces and homes to ensure the safety of staff, customers and loved ones.

The use of harsh chemicals to sanitize and disinfect is becoming more and more of a problem as it requires specific safety protocols and a particular pattern of application that, very often, is not followed. In addition, it requires frequent purchases. adding pressure to the already stretched budgets for sanitation.

The use of UVC light to provide high levels of disinfection have been a mainstream in the industry for decades and recently the same technology has been made available for consumers.

360º disinfection

A device designed to provide 360º disinfection for entire rooms offering the best germicidal and bacterial protection available at a very affordable cost. Ozone free so doesn’t require rooms to be ventilated after each use and provides added protection by using a sensor that will force the lamp to shut down and retract into the safety housing if detects any movement. After a safe lapse of time will resume working as long there are no more movement around it.


In a recent study; the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) at Boston University in the US; have conducted research that validates the effectiveness of certain UV-C light sources on the inactivation of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Their team applied a dose of 5mJ/cm2, resulting in a reduction of the SARS-CoV-2 virus of 99%  Based on the data, it was determined that a dose of 22mJ/cm2 will result in a reduction of 99.9999% (1)

Deliver irradiance of up to 367 µw/cm2

The CHMBER UVC Zapper can effectively deliver irradiance of up to 367 µw/cm2 at a distance of 3 feet which translates roughly to 0.37mJ/cm2 per second. Dosage is a function of irradiance over time so the longer you leave the lamp on the higher dosage the area will receive. The CHMBER UVC ZAPPER will reach a dosage of 5mj/cm2 in about 14 seconds at a distance of about 3 feet.

Check our Irradiance and dosage calculator to estimate values at different distances

Reasonable Price

Why spent money on ineffective solutions? Or thousands in other alternatives that use the similar kind of lamps and provide the same benefits? We have combined a effective UVc lamp with a quality housing that can be sold at a very reasonable price.

ISO17025 accredited calibrations

At difference with most UVC products out there, all our lamps come with a report (produced by a certified UV Spectroradiometer System that is NIST Traceable and have ISO17025 accredited calibrations) showing the exact amount of irradiance and the wavelengths the lamps produce to help you determine the length of time you need to keep them on to achieve the dosage required to deactivate different viruses and bacterias.

designed to be used

These lamps are designed to be used in spaces with no people, pets or plants. Exposure to UVC light can cause severe damage to unprotected skin and eyes. Even when these lamps come equipped with motion detectors; make sure to use it when people and pets are not around.

Our lamps come with an exclusive 2 Years Warranty. If the UVC lamp fails within the first two years after purchase we will replace it for you. No other UVC lamp in the market offer this kind of warranty.

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