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UVC HMR ZAPPER - Stylish and functional - Germicidal

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black friday sale 50% off

black friday sale 50% off

Nice looking lamp that works as advertised. We put it on when we leave for work and by the time we come back the entire family room/living room is disinfected so we can move it to another area of the house we are not using at the time. Once it's done there; we ventilate the room and move the lamp to another room and repeat the process. We love it! It makes us feel safe knowing the main spaces at our home are sanitized.

Cool lamp! Works great

Darryl J.

We bought this lamp so we could disinfect different rooms at the house and it works great but we discovered it works really well in the laundry/mud room where there used to be a lingering smell that we couldn't get rid of. It seems the Ozone that's released by the lamp takes care of the smell. Even after the room is ventilated the smell stays gone! We are very happy with the product!

Works like a charm

Deena B

Nice design. You can tell it's a quality light just by looking at it. We love the safety feature that turns the lamp off if somebody walks into its sensing area. We can leave it in any room we are not using and it's powerful enough to disinfect it within 15 to 30 minutes. We are ordering a second one so we can keep one on the first floor and another in the second floor.

Nicely done!

Mary T.


For decades the use of UVC light as a sanitizer has proved to be one of the best tools available to combat germs, bacteria and viruses. Hospital use complex disinfecting systems involving UVC lights to disinfect patients and operating rooms. Recently the same technology has been made available for use at home and our HME UVC ZAPPER offers a powerful disinfectant light encased in a stylish anodized cabinet that fits nicely with any decor.

Advent of the COVID-19 pandemic

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, many types of UV lights are been made available to consumers but most of them are inefective as the type of lamps used are not the right ones.

Most efficient wavelenghts

Our lamps use one of the most efficient wavelengths (254nm) for an UVC light to be effective as a disinfecting solution. Our lamps also produce Ozone which is believed to aid in neutralizing some air pollutants and helps in neutralizing odors.

Reasonable price

Why spent money on ineffective solutions ? Or spend hundreds and even thousands in other alternatives that use the same kind of lamps and provide the same benefits? We have combined a effective UVc lamp with a quality housing that can be sold at a very reasonable price.

UVC technology

UVC technology has been proved capable to deactivate most viruses including SARS-CoV-2. The National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) at Boston University conducted a study where they achieved a 99% deactivation of the virus causing COVID-19 in about 6 seconds needing a dosage of 5mJ/cm2 and they reached a deactivation of 99.9999 (or 6 logs) in 25 seconds needing a dosage of 22mJ/cm2. According to this article the lamps used in those tests were 35W. Our lamps are 36W, which implies they can achieve the dosages needed to deactivate the virus in a similar amount of time.

ISO17025 accredited calibrations

At difference with most UVC products out there, all our lamps come with a report (produced by a certified UV Spectroradiometer System that is NIST Traceable and have ISO17025 accredited calibrations) showing the exact amount of irradiance and the wavelengths the lamps produce to help you determine the length of time you need to keep them on to achieve the  dosage required to deactivate different viruses and bacterias.

designed to be used

These lamps are designed to be used in spaces with no people, pets or plants. Exposure to UVC light can cause severe damage to unprotected skin and eyes. Make sure to use it when people and pets are not around and ventilate the area for about 30 minutes after using the lamp and before using the space again.

Our lamps come with an exclusive 2 Years Warranty. If the UVC lamp fails within the first two years after purchase we will replace it for you. No other UVC lamp in the market offer this kind of warranty.

$395.00 $299.95Add to cart