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UVC disinfection is by far one of the most effective ways to disinfect surfaces and air. For decades many industries have taken advantage of the simplicity of use of UVC lights to sanitize their products and facilities. Some of the industries that frequently use this type of technology are: Healthcare, food, water treatment plants, hospitality and many others.

Nowadays, you can have access to portable UVC lights to use at your house or place of business but you need to make sure you follow some safety rules:

1) UVC lights can be dangerous for humans, pets and plants. Avoid direct exposure to the light.

2) Most UVC lights produce Ozone which it’s believed to further help disinfect the air and surfaces but it can be toxic in excess. The recommendation is to ventilate the space where you use your UVC light for about 30 minutes. Each lamps will produce different amount of Ozone (O3) so you need to make sure to follow manufacturer directions to properly ventilate your rooms. Some lamps might require less ventilation time while some other might require more.

3) Make sure you buy from a reputable supplier. Like everything else no two products are the same even when they look the same or similar. There are many unscrupulous sellers that will sell anything that resembles UVC lights without never even testing the product. Never taken real measurements of fluence or ozone concentrations. Their only goal is to move products without care if the products are effective or not. Don’t trust sellers that are not willing to stand behind their product or provide you real data so you can do your own research and make sure the product will work for your intended application. A lot of cheap lamps being sold online are fake while most other have zero quality control so you might get one that works as intended, somewhat works or doesn’t work at all. Buy only from reputable sellers that offer at least one year warranty on their products and they are willing to conduct their own tests to make sure the products work as intended.

4) VDC Health LLC has invested considerable capital in testing equipment including certified meters. We count with real UVC meters, spectroradiometers and Ozone meters to verify the irradiance and ozone our lamps produce. We also have a  calculator that can help you determine the dosage you can expect at any distance so you can make an informed decision on what kind of lamps or how many you need.

We carry a wide variety of UVC lights for home and businesses. We also carry some UVC products with higher wattage for institutional use including large facilities like schools, child care, health related facilities, office buildings, restaurants, etc. We have partnered with leading electrical and HVAC companies to produce unique solutions for different industries and we can design one that works for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to sales@vdchealth.com for more information


VDC Health is now a proud member of the International UltraViolet Association